Apr 30, 2012

The rites of Spring….

I’ve got spring fever.  Well, sort of.  Well Mother Nature is still trying to decide if she wants to us to freeze or burn us, I’m trying to work around her schedule to get a few things done in our yard.

My climbing roses arrived from Brushwood Nursery on Friday! I ordered an Eden Climber and Joseph’s Coat from them.  It was my first time ever ordering and I’m very pleased with their great service!  It feels like forever since I ordered but it was actually only in February.  They will ship based on your zone too, which turned out to be great until just until my roses arrived. Saturday’s high temp here was 46!  Needless to say, I kept the roses inside until Sunday, when it was MUCH nicer.  After DH and I got back from seeing a movie (The Raven, which was just okay) we set out on moving the clematis from the arbor (where it was being scorched from too much heat) to just below our deck where it could climb with no fear of being burned by metal from the arbor.  Hopefully it will take to its new spot and grow nicely.  Then I got to work planting my little roses.  Here is my Eden Climber next to the arbor.  You can see she’s just a baby, so I left the stake there to help her climb and get support.


Hopefully it will grow and look like this one day (click on pic for link to source):

I also had some help with the planting from Fat Cat:


Duncan was of course being nebby in the yard so no pics of him.  I have to constantly watch him or else he is sneaking in the neighbor’s yard!  I also planted my Joseph’s Coat climber next to our front porch so that it can climb up the ugly metal support for the porch roof.  Didn’t get a pic of that one, but here is a pic showing the beautiful color of the Joseph’s Coat.  And watch out, they are thorny!  (click on pic for source)

Also planted some bulbs which our neighbor next door gave us a few years ago.  I have no idea what they are called but they grow to have very pretty long red flowers.  Wish I knew what they were! 

The next things to do on my list are to get the deck ready.  This year DH has decided that he wants to put a TV out on the deck!  He said that he doesn’t like being cooped up inside when it’s nice out.  I asked him how he plans to accomplish this and he has all kinds of ideas.  Whether or not it’s feasible is another story.  Like how he plans to move our DVR (and related cords etc.) outside.  I’m totally fine with him doing it IF we are able to get everything working and be comfortable as well.  I would also like a bit more privacy out there if all of his ideas come to fruition.  Our deck looks out over a wooded hill but we are semi-close to our neighbors.  I am looking at something like these from Plow & Hearth for privacy:

Just have to find the right stuff to climb and thinking trumpet vine as they grow quickly and is a perennial I believe?  I may have to go with the first planter as it moves and space is a consideration.   The other thing is to get some annuals to put on my deck planters.  Last year we had petunias, which were pretty but what I really want is some ivy geranium.  They will cascade down my deck and look really pretty.  Here’s a pic I found from Pinterest (click on pic for link to source):

Love the bright color and I know these like sun, which our deck gets quite a bit of!  I think sometime this week I’ll have to stop at our local place to see what they have in and what they can suggest.  I still consider myself a novice with plants so I always ask the experts.

One more thing before I go—I am on Instagram now!  Feel free to follow my—my username is vampygirl13.

So what plans do you have for your yard this year or do you prefer indoor gardening? 

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