Apr 2, 2013


Happy Spring everyone!  So where is spring?  I guess Mother Nature is still in hiding (along with Punxatawney Phil who should be in hiding) because it’s April 2nd and 34 degrees here in the ‘burgh.  Seriously.  Last year at this time I was already weeding in my yard!

I’m reading my blog list today (for those sad about Google Reader, try bloglovin) and came across this great motivational post from Carli at Running Into Shape:

Today I had to remind myself of the old saying “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer, one bite at a time.  It’s possible to do seemingly impossible tasks, if you break it up into smaller increments.
So I decided to focus on today only. Those of you who struggle with weight I think will understand this list.
Today I packed a healthy breakfast for lunch and Today I actually ate the breakfast that I took to work.
Today I fought the craving to go to the local donut shop…And won
Today I wanted to spend money on fast food, but I ate the healthy lunch that I brought instead.
Today I wanted to go to the gas station and grab a sweet snack but I didn’t.
Today I quit being in denial about Slim Fast shakes and accepted that they don’t work for me and they actually make me hungry.
Today I tracked my food and drank lots if water.
Today I was discouraged about not being properly trained for my race but I went to the gym anyway
Today my little sister wanted me to cook her favorite meal since she’s home from college and I didn’t use that as an excuse not to go for a run first.
Today I prayed when I felt weak.
Today I was determined to finish Week 4 of the Couch to 5K.
Today I pushed back the fear of not crossing the finish line and focused on my run.
Today I finished Week 4 and I’m excited about the future!!
What did you do today?

Well that struck a chord in me so I wrote my own little part. Here it is:

  • Today I packed up my gym bag before work even though I am tired and do not want to go.
  • Today I really wanted Chinese for lunch but ate the soup I brought with me instead.
  • Today I really want to just go home instead of going to the gym but I am going!
  • Today I am re-starting C25K, even if it means waiting 15 min for a treadmill at the gym.
  • Today I am reading Carli’s e-book to help motivate me.
  • Today I tracking my food.
  • Today I will eat my apple before thinking of buying candy.
  • Today I will take a few minutes to sit and just be, even if I have to do it in the ladies room.
  • Today I am sending out positive vibes to a few friends who are dealing with illness.
  • Today I will spend an extra 5 minutes snuggling with my kitty.
  • Today I will make a to-do list for tomorrow.

It’s not much but it’s a start and I can accomplish all of these items.  For anyone wondering about Carli’s e-book, here is a link to it:

Running Into Shape: The Official 5K Training Guide eBook

It’s a great motivational tool!  I did C25K last summer but stopped when temps hit 100 out.  I hate humidity.  But I realize there is no reason I can’t start out on the treadmill until it warms up here. 

(PS---I am not affiliated with Carli or her book and have not been compensated in any way.  Just a happy reader of her blog.)

So what are YOU going to do today???

Mar 21, 2013

Spanner in the works….

Wow—hadn’t realized it had been that long since I updated!  I will admit to being at a work conference but also winter often leaves me gray and uninspired.  I thought once the stupid groundhog predicted an early spring I’d be getting to see some warmer weather.  But no—it’s about 20 degrees here today.  Brrrr.

The title of the post basically means messing up the works.  I just like the phrase.  It was also a Rod Stewart album from 1995.  I will admit a guilty pleasure in loving the music of Mr. Stewart.   Despite the comparisons to an old shoe and a porcupine, that dude has written some amazing songs and obviously enjoys the hell out of life. 

ANYWAY---I do have a point to my post.  Spanner in the works refers to today of me getting out of my funk.  Sometimes life just whizzes by and soon you realize it has been weeks since you really got to do something you wanted to do or even finished a load of laundry.   And I’m not a girl who hates winter terribly, but now I’ve had enough and I’m ready for some warmer weather and to see things green and growing again.   And also to work on some new projects.

I definitely do not have OCD, but I could use a teeny bit right now.  It’s just so much easier to close the door to my boudoir and pretend the mess is not there.  But as I got a few minutes to ponder the mess, an idea finally came to me: Murphy bed!

I had a light bulb moment one day last week.  I guess the part about ADD people attacking things from other angles comes in handy here.  I came home one evening and looked at the rat’s nest of a room and knew I had to come up with a better way to help me keep things organized and yet still allow me to ‘see’ things.  First I thought of rearranging the furniture in the room.  The room itself isn’t that big and I have a dresser, vanity, armoire, and bed in there.  That still wouldn’t really solve the problem of space.  Then I realized that the bed takes up so much room and what is on it?  Clothes!  If I could move the bed out of the way, I could create a ton of space.  DING DING DING!  Murphy bed to the rescue!

So of course the first place I searched for Murphy bed ideas—Pinterest! I found some Murphy beds you could buy outright. Then I saw the price and:

Let’s just say I changed up my search to see if I could build a Murphy bed myself.  Here are some of my faves (click on pic for link):

I love this one and also love the color!!!!

the wood color is a little dark but I really like the design here:

this one opens from the side:

For the size of my room, I think a bed that opens from the top would be the best fit.  The other important thing for me was to be able to use the queen size mattress that we already have.   I believe our mattress will fit but I will definitely be measuring before I start!   There are a few sites I am considering ordering a kit from, but Wilding Wallbeds seems to have the nicest construction.  

The next part is convincing hubby to A-spend the money to get the frame and B-actually build the outside cabinet part.  As he loves a good project, I think that part won't be too hard.  But the spending part may be another story.  I am okay with getting some very plain light wood as I am planning on painting it any way. 

Hubby will also ask what I want to do with all of that space.  My brother actually answered that one.  I was having dinner with Salsa Judy and my brother last week when I told them about my idea.   My brother then said "You'll just move some rolling racks in there and set up shop!"  Pretty close there, Mike.   I know I would have something set up for shoes (the cubes I talked about in this post) and maybe something like this:

Of course my little room has no fireplace.  But I could certainly put some nice racks up like that.

This is awesome:

This looks do-able if the hubby were willing to help design.  Doesn't look too complicated right?

So readers (if I even have any left), give me your tips, thoughts, and ideas on what I can do to make my dressing room dreams come true!

Feb 13, 2013

Beauty Booty….

I was all set to write hope you had a great New Year’s when tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!  FAIL by me.   I’ll spare you the details for now and get to my Beauty Booty or some of my latest beauty faves:

Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation—HUGE rave for this.  I’ll be honest.  Since I converted to minerals a few years back, I haven’t even looked at a liquid foundation.  Nada.  You couldn’t even tempt me. Until I had some skin issues.  *cough*hormones*cough*   This stuff was being raved about on a few blogs and message boards and I wanted to try it but I was scared.  Skerrd of silicones.  The last time I tried a ‘make your skin perfect’ foundation (from Revlon), I had zits all over my forehead from the silicone and of course this was right before DH and I went to the beach for a nice vacation.  

Anyways—since then I haven’t dipped a toe into that water again.  Until now.  I was doing some Christmas shopping late one night and stopped at Sephora for a small gift and it was empty.  I asked someone there about it and she offered to put it on me.  Why not? It would be a good way to A-find the shade for my pale self and B-see how it looked.  The girl there said she usually hated foundations like this but LOVED this Kat Von D foundation.  I admit—my skin looked great.  I bought it and winced a little at the price ($36).  However, you only need a teeny bit of this as a little goes a LONG way.   I put a little pump on the back of my hand and apply with my MAC 190 brush.   It really covers redness well and stays on all day.  I only get a little oily breakthrough on my nose late in the afternoon.  And NO breakouts from this!!!  So impressed with this stuff. 

Sonia Kashuk Flat Top Kabuki—another rave!  Even though I just raved for the Kat Von D liquid above, I’m still very loyal to my minerals.  And to me, the best way to apply minerals is with a kabuki brush.  The old one I had had seen better days.  I just happened to be at Target (where of course I browse for everything else when I’m really supposed to be buying kitty litter) when I saw this brush on clearance for $12.  Even though it’s technically labeled for creams I prefer it for my powder minerals.  I tried it for the first time last week and it applies minerals beautifully.  It’s also kitten soft and did not shed at all.  WIN!

Aczone gel—in love with this stuff.  First—it’s prescription, so please consult your doctor before you go and decide you want this stuff.  I have been seeing a great new derm for my skin woes.  Last time I was there, she recommended the Aczone.  I had never heard of it (and I’ve heard of ‘em all) but was willing to give this a shot.  I went home and googled it—only to find out it has been used to treat leprosy!!!!  So of course now we call this the leprosy cream at my house.  What it does wonderfully is help to clear up moderate acne and reduce redness and inflammation in the skin.  I have only been using this for a few weeks but have seen big improvement in the redness lessening.  When I wake up in the morning, my nose and cheeks are usually red (I have rosacea).  However, the first morning after using Aczone, there was no redness.  I could not believe it! 

One minor caveat—this stuff ain’t cheap!  My insurance didn’t cover it but Aczone does provide a coupon where you can get a 30 day supply for $25 (with insurance).  I was able to do this without any issues at my local pharmacy.  Just click here and look to the right to download and print your coupon.  I also was given one from my derm.


Would love to know some of your skin secrets---what products do you love the most and what has worked best for you?

Be right back…..


I’m still alive!!!   My extended break got a little longer with some life events thrown in…..I’ll be back soon with some posts!   Thank you for reading!