Dec 13, 2012

‘Tis the Season…..for shelves?

Happy Holidays to you all! 

The past few weeks of work have been a train wreck of non-stop work and prep for a project and today is the first day in weeks that I have some spare time to blog.  

I’m feeling a bit bah humbug, like I can’t really get into the Xmas spirit this year.  This will be our first Christmas without my grandma and while I think everyone will do their best, it just won’t be the same.  But we’ll make the best of it, and it’s hard not to have fund at Christmas when you have little kids running around!  I can really enjoy the opening of the gifts through my niece and nephews’ eyes.  Now that there are 2 almost 2 years old, they will really get to enjoy the whole shebang this year.

DH has been asking me for over a month what I want for Christmas.  And to be honest I have no idea what to tell him.  I wish I could tell him to buy me some motivation to get to the gym.  Since LA Fitness changed most of their Zumba classes to after 7pm, I don’t have a real cardio class that I enjoy any more.  I’m one of those people who need to hit the gym on the way home from work.  Once I’m home I’m done for the night.  I do not feel like going out again for an 8pm Zumba class.  So I’m trying to figure out if I should cancel my membership for another place that has lots of classes and do weights at home or continue at the gym and find another cardio class to take?  What do you think?

So anyway---back to his question with a real answer.  I honestly don’t know what to ask for!  I have all the clothes I could ever need (and then some) and I’m not a jewelry person by nature.  When he asked me last night about what I wanted I said “Shelves!” and I got a weird look!  But if you recall from this post, I was bemoaning my need for a better way for me to store my shoes and such.   I won’t lie—my boudoir is a complete rat’s nest.  So here’s what I found for possbilities, which I will send to DH:

This organizer from Lowe’s—I figure I can get 2 of these and use for storage for shoes and get them out of the bottom of my closet in boxes.  I can put my TV and other little knick knacky things on top or a small lamp?

Then I saw this one on Container Store’s website.  It looks nice, but not as tall and sturdy as the one from Lowe’s.  

Once I tackle the shoe part, I would like to tackle the mess where all my sweaters and folded items are.  When she moved, Salsa Judy gave me a nice armoire from IKEA that was in my brother’s room.  It’s great for sweaters and stuff like that but there is no way to keep them all stacked nicely.  So I found some options:

This shelf divider from Target. Looks nice enough and no assembly required!

I also like these from Plow and Hearth.  But I’m not sure they would fit the deep shelves in my armoire?

So my next step was to search Pinterest for shelf dividers and I hit the mother load!

From Martha Stewart:

You use shelf brackets upside down to make shelf dividers!!!  Genius!  And if that doesn’t cut it, then I can have DH make me some from some old wood we have.

I guess organizational products aren’t the most romantic gift out there, but it is something I actually NEED and DH will be happy I’m making an effort to become more organized. 

The other stuff I’m considering is mostly fitness related:

Razzy Roo headbands.  A Foodie Stays Fit had these on her blog and I knew I had to have them.  Now that my hair is a bit shorter I do not want it hanging in my face !

This gym bag from Puma—LOVE the color!

Tomorrow I will have few more gift ideas but I have to get going.  Tonite DH and I are going to Kaya for belated anniversary dinner.  Their fried chicken is to die for and it’s only on Thursday nights!

Have a great evening!

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