Nov 26, 2012

Hexy Side table with Annie Sloan Provence

Did everyone have a great Turkey Day (those in the US)?  I have to just say that everyone who was at the Thanksgiving dinner I attended can cook and bake!  Every dish was so yummy!  I’m glad the leftovers stayed at someone else’s house though.  All of those desserts would have been too much for me to handle.  But I was able to spend some time with family and friends, which is far more important to me than the food!

I’m finally getting to post my 2nd try with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, this time using  Provence.  As you saw in this post, I found a cute little side table at Goodwill that I picked up for $5 to put in my boudoir (aka clothes tornado/spare room). I also ordered the Annie Sloan Soft Wax to finish my piece too.  This was my first time using this and I still have a bit to learn about waxing!  Here’s a few pics of the piece before:

SDC10412  SDC10413

The wood was a bit dark for my taste but I was hoping it would show through when I hit with it a few coats of paint.

Here is the Annie Sloan Provence (taken in natural light, no flash), which I got at Best Furniture Paint.   I was torn between this shade and Greek Blue, but I am so glad I chose Provence!  When I use this paint, I pour a little bit into a big old plastic cup and then mix with 1/3 cup of water (estimated).  After mixing, I test out the consistency for what I like.  I tend to like a thinner version of this---I feel like it goes on better and dries faster.  But that’s just me---you’ll have to test out for yourself!

SDC10415  SDC10416

Here it is after coat #1.  I just used a synthetic paint brush that I ordered from Best Furniture paint.  You can find it here.  I realize my painting technique is far from perfect but I’m still a newb!



The late, great Fat Cat sunning himself while I painted.  Still miss him so much.


The table after the 2nd coat. See how much better it looks with a second coat on?  This was taken not long after it was painted.  I love that this dries so fast. I was able to get a quick snack in while this dried!  The second pic shows the piece almost completely dry and gives you some sunlight for contrasts.  You can also see some of the marks where the wax is drying.




Top View:



The only pics I didn’t take were actual fully finished ones!!!  I apologize for that but I wanted to get this post up rather than keep delaying it as a few people were nice enough to ask how it all went.  I didn’t really sand at all, I liked the finish just the way it was.

Overall, I’m quite happy with how it turned out.  I have more then enough paint left over to also cover another piece in the boudoir and that is one great thing about the Chalk Paint—it really goes a long way.  I barely used 1/3 of the quart that I bought and would definitely have enough to cover the large armoire that I’m considering for my next project. 

The only part that vexed me was the waxing.  I am sure I didn’t use enough of the wax because I barely had to buff any off.  That’s something I think I’d have to watch on You Tube or attend a class in my area to really get a good idea of how to do it properly.   The Annie Sloan wax WAS much softer and easy to work with though—I would recommend this over any hard wax.

Hopefully I can get a pic of the finished table tonite before Dancing with the Stars starts.  Yes—I fully admit to being a dancing nerd.  I’d LOVE to be able to learn with a pro.  I was so sad to see Giles go but it’s anyone’s game now!  All of the ladies are really talented and bring something different to the table.  I’d love to see Melissa win just because Tony has always gotten stuck with horrible partners—remember Kate from Kate plus 8?  EW!  I will get of my DWTS soapbox now!  ;)

If you painters out there have any advice with the AS wax, please comment away and let me know.  I could use your expertise! 

My butt is also going back to the gym today too.  I wasn’t too bad over the long weekend (my brother and I even took a walk after dinner on Thursday) but I need to get back into my routine!

Have a great Monday!

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