Nov 20, 2012

Shopping Your Closet

I made a post on Facebook last week that I needed to shop my closet.  My friend Carla reminded me that I said this before and she was right---I’ve said it more than once.  So now I am making a more concerted effort to ‘shop my closet’.

Last night during Dancing with the Stars, in between the numerous commercials (it’s really the only show I watch live besides football), I was cleaning up the boudoir area (which never seems to stay clean--I think there are monsters who come out from under the bed and put more stuff all over the place) and decided to just run through my closet for ideas on what to wear tomorrow. 

They saying is that you wear 20% of your clothing 80% of the time.  I think that is somewhat true for me.  I wear something to death for a while and then move onto the next ‘shiny’ new thing.   Part of that is my ADD, where the clothes I can ‘see’ are what pops into my mind.  That’s why my clothes are laying out all over the place.  The other part of it is that I like new clothes!

So I decided to pull out something older and make a new outfit with it.  The first thing I found was this skirt.  This was a find from a thrifting trip with my BFF Sheg at the Salvation Army store.  No idea of the brand but it fits perfect and I think I paid $3 for it. 


From there I had to come up with a top.  Like most women, black has a big role in my closet.  I have black cardis, black sweaters, black tops and black jackets.  But I was looking for a softer jacket and caught this Converse gem on clearance at Target:

It’s showing as $19.59 online but I got it for less than $9 at the store!  Score!  It looks kind of weird in the pic but in real life, it’s a bit moto looking.  Today I’m wearing it unzipped but don’t worry, no Bridget Jones-ing for me.  Black tank underneath!  ;)  It’s the perfect little jacket for fall days when it’s 32 in the morning and 54 in the afternoon (like today!).  So you’re warm but not sweating when you leave work in the afternoon.

The rest of the outfit was easy—black tights (which I have too many pairs to count) and these boots that I love but don’t remember to wear that often:

I believe these are Jessica Simpson booties.  I love them but they are rather high for work unless I know I’ll be pretty much lazy on my butt all day.  Today is one of those days.  Can anyone out there recommend a thin insole to give me some cushioning for ma feetz?  I have some at home but they make the boots feel too tight.   Would love some suggestions! 

I’m embarrassed to tell you that I also found some newer things that I bought a over a month ago and 'put away’.  So those will be going into the rotation also.  My new goal for work outfits will now be to try and pull at least 2-3 older items a week to mix in with newer stuff.   As Salsa Judy would say “If you actually cleaned everything up, you would know where everything is!”.  Yes yes, I know.  I have to accept I am just never going to be one of those people whose stuff is perfectly organized.

Hope everyone plans to be with the ones they love on Turkey Day and enjoy.  I will certainly enjoy my long weekend (taking tomorrow off too) but it probably will not involve shopping unless it’s at the grocery store.  I cannot be bothered with Black Friday unless it’s online.  I usually get up at 5am during the week, why would I want to get up earlier on a day off?  Just sayin……

And here is what I am making for our Thanksgiving celebration.  I did a practice run a few weeks ago for dinner at SJ’s and everyone gobbled it up and it was requested for Turkey day too. It’s called Pumpkin Dump Cake:

and it is NOT Weight Watchers friendly at all.  But sometimes you need to have a treat.  I also plan on taking a walk after dinner anyways. 

So do you ever shop your closet?  Have you found any long lost gems you’ve forgotten you even had? 

Have a wonderful Turkey Day! 

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