Apr 23, 2012

Latest Favorites….

So before I get to my latest faves, just a random observation. What is up with our weather?  On Friday it was 80 and I was wearing sandals and today it is 37 and I am wearing boots and tights.  Make up your mind please, Mother Nature!

Okay….onto the actual subject!

Old Navy skirt.   I had posted on my Pinterest page a while back but hadn’t gotten around to getting it.  But then I get an Old Navy coupon in my email for 20% off so I figure I should at least check it out right?  After work on Friday I headed down to the Waterfront to check it out.  I looked around and asked an employee, but she had no idea what I was talking about.  Luckily, someone came up behind her and pointed me in the right direction.  They only had one of these skirts left in a small. I tried it on and it fit fine.  I liked the skirt so much I also got another one in black.  I figure it will be a great basic item to wear when it’s really hot and I don’t feel like getting dressed up.  Plus, I hate wearing shorts.  I am just not built for them---I look better in a skirt.   Since I was there I looked around for a bit and also picked up this dress below for dirt cheap.  MUCH lower that what is showing online. 

DH and I often go to local wine events.  He’s definitely more into than me (I prefer whiskey!) but I enjoy going and tasting the wines.  Plus, there always seem to be lots of vendors selling other things than wine.  Such as the case a few weeks ago when we met the guys from Davis and Davis gourmet foods.  The first thing that caught my eye was the slushie machine they had going.  It was filled with adult slushies in the yummiest flavors! DH and I came home with 2 of them.  They also carry dip mixes and we took home 5 of those as well.  What I like about these dips is that they are made with sour cream only, no mayo. So if you use lite sour cream, so much better for you!  DH made Spinach and Smoky Red Pepper one last night to go with the fajitas I made for dinner.  It was so good, I could NOT stop eating it.  The smokiness really came through.  We also picked up some Wine Dip, which you can make with a bottle of wine.  DH grabbed onto those really fast!  Ken and Chuck were just the sweetest guys and their products show it.  Check out their site if you get a chance.  There is more than I have listed here and I am betting they are all delish.  (FYI I am NOT affiliated or have been paid to say this.  I just am a happy customer!).


Sometimes you kind of want a change, even a small one.  I have been coloring my hair red for the past few years and was longing to be a blonde again.  The only bad thing is that eventually  my hair always turns out to get too damaged to keep it for too long.  But that’s probably because I like being a really light blonde. No in-between for me!!!   So when I was the salon on Thursday night, I let my stylist Vicki talk me into some very subtle goldish highlights.  I didn’t want too streaky and she did a great job (see below for a pic).  The best part is that on Saturday I met up with Salsa Judy and 3 people told me in front of her that they loved my hair color.  This is a HUGE deal because SJ and my grandma constantly say I look better blonde.  I made a point to each person to say ‘Thank you’ and gave SJ an ‘I told you so’ look.  I felt vindicated!  The pic below isn’t great (took with my phone) but you get the idea.

Is it weird that I am happy my legs are sore?  I forced my butt to the gym on Saturday even though I procrastinated for a while.  I did legs and went a bit heavier.  They are still sore today, but in a good way.  I know I worked the muscled hard.  Today it will be arms and back at the gym.

Lastly, are these crops from the Limited.  I have been in need of summery pants for the office since last year.  Cute cropped pants for the office are really hard to find.  Fit is important and I have to make sure I don’t look like an Oompa Loompa with my short legs.  I took a chance and ordered these online when they had a sale and I had a coupon so I got them for over half off. I tried them on and they are perfect!  A little longer on me then the pic here but I am no model!   And they look great with wedges for work.  I will be wearing these a lot.  I also got them in navy, which I was amazed to see they carried!

Hope you are doing okay if you are having the wacky weather we’re getting here in the ‘burgh.  It’s finally starting to clear up here and temp is now a balmy 40.  My climbing roses are supposed to show up some time this week so I hope it warms up before then! 

Do you have any finds to share?

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  1. I have that same green and white wrap dress. I also bought one in black but has only wore the black one so far. I can't wait till the weather gets warmer to wear the green one. It makes me feel so sexy. I love the pants too ;-)