Jun 3, 2011

Latest Favorites

Happy Friday to everyone! 

Sorry that I've not been around to post on this new little home of mine.  I've been hunting up a job like crazy and hopefully get a few bites!  Keep your fingers crossed for me--there are some good opportunities out there!

For those of you who know me in 'real life'---this is not a shock.  I. LOVE. TO. SHOP.  I don't care what it's for--tools, washers, yard stuff, clothes, shoes, etc.  I think I like the hunt of finding a good deal.  I'm often asked what site to check for certain items.  Former bosses know they could ask me to search for a certain product and I'd find it!  Must be the thrill of the deal.

So with this post I figured that I'd tell you some of my favorites and hope you could tell me yours.  I mean any kind of favorites.  Just things that I'm liking lately. 

  • Lucy Minerals:  These are just the BEST minerals I've ever used, hands down.  I have very oily, acne-prone skin AND rosacea on my cheeks (great combo huh?) and her Oil Control foundation covers everything!  Plus it has some skin helpers like Apple Poly® polyphenols,trans-reserveratrol, and green coffee bean extract.  The other great thing is that there are no parabens to clog up your pores!  I can't rave enough about Lucy Minerals.  And each week, she has a special on the site as well.

  •  Sephora Perfecting Lash Primer.  I got this on a whim and fell in love with it.  I used to use Aromaleigh minerals exclusively, and she had a great mascara primer on her site.  When she closed I had to start the search again.  This one from Sephora is less expensive then the others out there and does a great job.  You just have to let it dry for a bit before applying your mascara.  The only thing I don't like abou this product is the brush.  I wipe it on the edge of the tube to remove excess.  Other than than, I love it. 

  • C9 by Champion Women's Running Capri Pants--from Target.  I was in desperate need of new workout pants when I found these.  My old ones were literally falling off of me. I had gotten them when I first joined Weight Watchers (WW) and could actually fit into them.  40lbs later, it was only a little drawstring holding them up.  The last time I wore them I was walking at the park with Salsa Judy (my mom).  She said "Missy--those pants are going to fall down soon---get some new ones!"  So off to Target I went.  I knew if I wore something that actually fit, I would feel more confident about going out to Zumba and the park.  So low and behold, I get to Target because I read they were having a sale on activewear.  Of course---the ones I wanted were out of stock but I wasn't leaving with out new pants.  I was sick of being Droopy Drawers in public!  So I tried on these capris.  They look great on and are slimming, plus they wick away sweat. They were very comfortable all through my hard Zumba class!   But the reviews ARE correct---they do attract hair.  And if you have 2 kittehs like me, be prepared to have some hair on them.

    • Stonyfield Farm Oikos Greek Yogurt with honey:  OMG so yummy.  Why did I wait so long to try this?  I like regular yogurt but for me it has a lot of unnecessary sugar.  Enter Greek yogurt.  I've read about it in Oxygen, Clean Eating and other bloggers always say how good it is.  My WW leader swears by it.  So I tried it plain and HATED it.  Wasn't crazy about the chalky taste.  But I was determined to find a way to like it since it has a lot of protein and low fat.  Enter this yogurt with honey on the bottom.  It was an accidental discovery.  I grabbed at Walmart to try it again and didn't realize it had honey in it until I got home.  What a difference honey makes!  It's so much better and I actually enjoy eating it.

    This is just a short list of things I love lately.  The list for things I really want is LONG but I must wait until I'm gainfully employed before I can even think of shopping for myself!
    Have a great weekend! 

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          1. I too love love love the greek yogurt w/ honey. Amazing stuff!