Jun 20, 2011

Epic Baking Weekend!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day weekend!

My apologies for not being around lately but a lot has been going on here!  Lots of running around and getting things done, so to speak. 

As you can see in my pics and little tagline, I LOVE to bake.  I found out that I am much better than baking than cooking, even though I'm a pretty good cook.   Maybe because I have a sweet tooth or I just have a knack for it, but almost everything I've attempted seems to turn out okay.   I'm the 'dessert person' at most parties and my family always request me to make certain items. 

I had been missing out a bit on baking at home since DH and I have been eating healthier.  I used to make him cookies and cakes but he requested that I stop!  (I know!)  So my strategy is to bake but give away or leave with someone.  Because if I don't really like it, I won't eat it. But I do like it then it won't last long at our house and I'll be sorry later in the week when I go to WW!!

Back to the real purpose now!  This weekend was full of events in our household.  Friday night we celebrated Father's Day with FIL and family.  No baking required.   But on Saturday, friends of ours had their annual summer party. This year's was a Mexican theme so I decided I was going to make a Mexican dessert.  I did a bit of research on my fave sites to check out:  All Recipes, Tasty Kitchen, and Martha Stewart.  All of these have given me some amazing recipes in the past and I keep going back for more!

I decided to make a Tres Leches cake from Martha's site as it had some really good reviews.  I had never made a cake like this before so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I'll keep it brief but will show you some pics too. 

First you make a yellow like cake:
Yellow cake after baking
Then you mix up all of your milks (hence Tres Leches name) and pour onto the cake. I poked holes all through the cake to help.  I let it absorb about an hour and that cake sucked it all up!
Cake with milk (still absorbing)
Lastly, I mixed heavy whipping cream and sugar for the topping.  Gotta love my Kitchenaid mixer--I just turned it on and watched.

And here's the completed cake.  I took Heath bits with me to put on top and people said that made the cake all the yummier.   I tasted it myself and the consistency was a bit different to me because it was very, very moist.  But still good.  Lots of compliments at the party.

Now for dessert #2! I made this for a Father's Day brunch at my aunt's home.  I feel so silly because I totally forgot to take pics of the process of making this one!  This is one of my all time fave ever recipes:  Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars.  I have made this a million times for family events, parties, work functions etc.  Every time I have made them, they are gone so quickly!  I have to say they are delicious but then I love me some chocolate and toffee bits.  These bars are very simple to make but I would advise that you buy the mini chips instead of regular sized chocolate chips.  It seems to blend together better to me.  I also usually buy the chocolate covered Heath bits as well.  The more chocolate the better!

Here is a pic of the completed bars:

Needless to say these did not last long either!!!   There were only a few left when DH and I left for home and I told my aunt to keep them for her and her hubby to enjoy.  I had enough indulgences over the weekend! 

More soon as I'm working on a post of new favorites!  Have a great Monday!

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