Jun 21, 2011


It's me again and I'm actually posting more than once this week!  :)  Aren't you impressed?

Today instead of latest favorites, I'm telling you what I'm coveting lately.  I say coveting because until I start working again (hopefully soon!), I am on an imposed spending ban.  Except for any gifts *coughbirthdaycough* that I may get next week.   No need to buy anything new until I start getting a regular paycheck again.

So here's some of what I've been coveting lately:

Seychelles Chirp in Pewter
Seychelles Chirp in Pewter.   Anthroholic tweeted about these today and I'm in love with them!  I've been looking for a cute gray/silvery sandal all year and these may fit the bill!  I could wear them with so many different outfits.  Plus I'm a sucker for wedges.  Anything to make me look taller.

Mompos Dress from Anthro

Mompos Dress from Anthropologie.  I've been lusting after this dress since I first saw it.  There have been so many favorable blogger reviews and it just makes me want it more.  The silhouette is totally me, and it's my favorite shade of blue.  And isn't the belt adorable?  It also has a neat little underskirt.  The problem?  It's $228, way out of my price range.  I'll have to wait for it to go on sale and hope they still have it in my size.

Hook rack from JoyFrameworks on Etsy

 This hook rack from Etsy.  I realized that I am in desperate need of a way to organize my belts.  Other than to shove them onto a lower shelf and hope for the best.  That clearly is NOT working!  So the easiest thing for me is a row of hooks so I can see the belts and grab the one I want easily.  This rack from JoyFrameworks on Etsy is so cute and I love the color of the antique tin tile!  Must have this!  I'm thinking of repainting our spare room/my closet in a color similar to this or just as an accent shade.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  This paint is my new obsession.  Seriously.  A few years ago, DH painted 2 of our bedroom walls a beautiful royal blue as he knew it was my favorite color ever.  The other walls (we have cathedral ceilings, so they are the taller walls) were left white.  I love the effect, but our bedroom furniture no longer looks right to me.  I had been toying around with whitewashing or painting it for a while now, but had been putting it off because of the pain of stripping furniture and sanding.  I'm just not good at that stuff and the smell---YUCK.  Enter Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I first read about this on Miss Mustard Seed's blog, and I was astounded.  Paint you can use on furniture without priming or sanding?  I'm totally in!!!   The pic above is one of Annie Sloan's pieces that she did with 2 of her Chalk Paint colors.  I have decided that I am going to paint our bedroom furniture in Old White and dilute it a bit so it makes it a bit more transparent. 

The only bad thing is that you must order this paint, it's not sold in a lot of stores.  I plan on ordering mine from Classic Wall Finishes but if you click on the Annie Sloan link, there are others that are selling it as well.  You can also buy samples if you like.  I contacted Patty from Classic Wall Finishes to inquire about how much I should order and she said that one quart would easily cover all of my furniture. 

Almost everything I've seen on this paint looks amazing.  Plus no sanding or priming and NO stripping!!!  And it distresses well for those of you (like me) who love that look.   I cannot wait to try this out.  Of course you will get to see pics!

Reebok 25lb adjustable weight
Reebok adjustable dumbbell. I've been lazy for the past few weeks in my working out and I have no excuse.  I just haven't been in the right place mentally to work out.  I have the time, just not the motivation right now.  Once I get out of my routine, I'm all over the place.  Once I start working (soon I hope!) I'll get back into it.  One of the things I really do need are adjustable dumbbells.   I have several smaller ones and they take up too much room in my workout area AKA our game room.  The Reebok ones were the least expensive I could find.  If you know of anywhere that has them for a better price, please let me know!!  I love the Bowflex ones, but those are just too much for me right now.   These Reeboks have some good reviews and I believe you can get them at Target as well. 

Hopefully I'll be working shortly and can give myself a little treat soon!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!  A favorites post to come soon (for real!)

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