May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day to all!

Hello out there in blogland!  :)

Happy Memorial Day to all of you and hope you are with your loved ones today.  

I was hoping to have a post that included how lovely my deck looked. However, it's 92 here today with high humidity, so DH (short for Dave Hubby or Dear Husband) and I will finish up the table tomorrow.   

I was really lucky to get my deck furniture for free from my mom, Salsa Judy (more on why she is called that later).   She was moving to a new place and wanted new stuff (she's something of a amateur Martha Stewart).  So DH and I rented a U-haul and got it back to our home.   It's wrought iron and will last forever.  I just had to give it a new coat of spray paint.   

Here what it looked like in the midst of being painted in our teeny back yard:


Lovely right?  Luckily the grass was really long and we were going to cut it after I had finished.  So after I was all done I had to carry them through the house and put them on the deck.  Our deck doesn't have steps going to the driveway because it's off of our bedroom (no invites to the thieves) and because it's high up anyway.  So after I was finished carrying them up it looked like this:

DH and I will carry the round table up and then he will put it together and we'll put up our umbrella.  Here's the messy side with the glider:

But at least I was able to get some pretty pentunias yesterday and plant them all around for some color:

So we're ALMOST done.   I also ordered these really cute solar Mason jars from Creative Corks N More on Etsy:

Mine are both blue and they should be here this week!   I am hoping my aunt Sue can find her old canning jars for me as well.  I would like to try and make some Mason Jar party lights!

Better get going, as DH is after me to make my famous burgers.

Have a wonderful holiday and thoughts to those with loved ones in our armed forces!

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