May 27, 2011

New obsession: Pinterest!

Happy Friday to everyone-

Have you caught onto Pinterest yet?   I just saw someone on Facebook mention this last week and I'm already hooked!

What is it?   I call it an online inspiration board.  A bit social networking and a bit sharing your ideas.  A good place to to store all your pics of everything you like online in one place with out your bookmarks being overwhelmed!  Kind of like bloglovin', another new fave site of mine. 

What do you put on it?  That's the cool thing about Pinterest.  You put anything you want.  I've mainly been using it as a deposit for style ideas, home decorating ideas, and things I'm coveting.  Also for beautiful images.

How do I join?  Right now it seems to be invite only, but if you message me through here, I'll happily send you an invite to join.  I requested an invite and got one a few days later. 

What's the point?  A lot of people have asked this.  I think everyone may use it a bit differently.  I like checking it out to see other friends' and fave bloggers' ideas on things.  I am good at putting a room together but there are elements that I wouldn't think of and then I see a blog with an amazing idea and that's why I immediately pin it if I like it.  So when I'm trying to think of what I want to do with my bedroom furniture or what paint color I may like I can go to my boards and see the ideas I've already grabbed.

If you want to check out my site:  My Pinterest.

I've love to see more people on here for more ideas!

Have a wonderful evening---Go Tampa Bay!  :)

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  1. Gee Melissa, now you've gotten me hooked on Bloglovin' too!

    Great blog!