May 26, 2011

vampygirl needs a job

So I'm taking the plunge and writing a blog.


Well because I have time on my hands.  I just lost my job yesterday.  I can't comment on specifics just know that everyone who knows what went down is firmly on the side of little old me.   VERY unexpected, let's just say that.

If you've lost your job in the past year or so, you'll understand the shock and awe that comes with a bomb dropped on you like this.   First you feel upset, then angry, then hurt, then sad.  I'm still feeling all of the above. And I feel like big fat failure.   It's a huge weight on me.  I feel like I let everyone down around me.  Even though everyone around me has been really supportive.

I was also laid off a few months ago from another job so you can see why I'm starting to feel like a black cloud is over me.  Or that I pissed off someone in a past life and now I'm being repaid for it.

I promise you all I'm a nice girl.  I love my husband and my kittehs and my friends and my family to pieces.  I give to charity, I love my country, and try to let karma flush out the bad stuff in life.  But lately I feel like karma has been giving me a raw deal.  

My bestie will tell you that 90% of the time I am of the "put your head down and keep going" school.  Whenever I've faced really hard things in the past, that's what I've done and it's worked well for me.  I'm trying really hard to do it now but it's just a wee bit harder this time.   

I'm giving my best effort at keeping my head up and keeping myself moving.  Even though my butt has been on this computer all day looking for jobs.  I just feel useless right now.

And now that Oprah is gone I can't even turn to her for support any more!!! *cries*  LOL *sniff*

For those of you who've been out of work for more than 6 months, I salute you. 

More tomorrow.   Hubby and I are actually going to a nice dinner at a winery even though I just want to sit and mope.  Here's we're we going:  Casa Narcisi Winery

Thanks for reading and more adventures in Missyland soon.   Along with more positive thoughts.

Funny for the day and something to look forward to:

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  1. Oh, you poor thing! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. And remember - you've just been given an opportunity to get a BETTER job :)

    Kate xx