May 16, 2012

Shoes—I has dem!

Recently, an interesting shoe discussion came up that got me thinking…..

Last week, these shoes from Target finally showed up at my door.

They were backordered for some reason but since I got them on sale I didn’t mind waiting.  Well that and Mother Nature was still deciding if she was cold or wanted hot flashes so I was content to wait.  Anyway—I was so excited when they finally showed up as it is nearly impossible to find cute navy sandals.  And wedges too, my favorite.

Lately I’ve been in the habit of posting my Shoe of the Day (SOTD) on my instagram for the hell of it.  And also cross-posting on Facebook.  So the day I posted my new wedges, one of my friends said the shoes looked like ‘dominatrix shoes’.  I literally LOL’d when I saw that.  Really?  Since when are navy wedges dom shoes?   I liked these shoes so much (they are really comfortable!) I was eyeing them up in the grey version.

I wore them to work and got compliments.  DH and I went to a little get-together the next evening and I wore them with the dress below from Express (this pattern is no longer available but link is to dress in other colors).  A bit matchy-matchy but so what?  (DH actually thought I bought the shoes specifically for the dress. Seriously?)

Said Facebook friend was at the party and when I saw him I made a point to raise my foot and say “See? I wore my dominatrix shoes just for you!”.   Later on a discussion ensued about them.  One guy christened them ‘Dominatrix at the Beach’ shoes.  And now that is what I call them too.  Then Facebook friend tried to say they were black and lost 2-1 to the other guys (including DH—thanks!) that they were navy.  Then they said it was the fact that they were patent leather made them think dominatrix.  This led me to believe that men know nothing about shoes!

But it also got me thinking about shoes and heels.  I am very rarely out of heels ever. I only wear flats to work out (tennis shoes) or will wear flat boots (riding boots only).  I also wear flats to work do and from the office from my little parking lot in town.  And at home I am barefoot. Otherwise all of my shoes have a decently high heel of 3 inches or more.    I’m short (5’3”) and I feel that heels make my legs look better but make my look over all better.   I’m especially attracted to wedges—they are more supportive and more comfortable!  People often comment on my shoes.  Salsa Judy always asks “How do you walk in those?”. Meanwhile, she certainly wears high heels.  I think wedges just scare her a bit. People at work have said ‘be careful’ to me a few times too. 

Then I got to thinking about heels at work.  I have seen some really super hooker looking heels on people.  I will do a high heel or wedge shoe and boots, but I cross the line at shoes that look too ‘club like’.  I like them a lot but not for work. Hopefully no one feels that my shoes are like that!  I am thinking I’m safe based on the compliments I have received from my boss.

I think so many of the flats that I’ve been seeing are adorable but just not a trend that works for me. I’ve tried them on numerous times and each time I look in the mirror with disappointment.  Flat shoes make me look dumpy and short.  I see them on other girls at the office they look so cute in them but I just hate them on me!  I guess I’m all or nothing.  Give me heels or give me bare feet! 

Since it’s warmer (and staying that way finally!) I’ve been accruing some great wedges.  Luckily for me I have been using gift cards to supplement most of these purchases:

BCBG Animal Print sandals—I found these very early in the spring for a steal at Macys. They are so versatile and can be worn with so much!  They are also very easy on the feet despite the height.  Gotta love the platforms!

LC Lauren Conrad Wedges from Kohls.  I fell in love with these when I saw them on the site.  The style is a bit of a throwback to the 1940’s, one of my fave decades of fashion.  Extremely comfortable!

BCBG wedge—wish I could find a link to these but I got them at TJ Maxx and could not find a good link them them.  Love the height on these and they worth with pants and skirts.

Harajuku Lovers sandals.  These are a few years old but I was taken in by how cute they were and at the time I could find no other navy sandals.  I would consider these more ‘non-work’ shoes now.

Jessica Simpson Josephine.  I know, I know. You are thinking these are too high and funky.  But they are so much fun.  I will admit these are really high even for me!  I don’t do a lot of walking around in these.

And now some shoes that fall into my Coveting category:

Helix Heeled Sandals.  I actually do not own a pair of yellow shoes but these would certainly work for me!

Jessica Simpson Papaya.  Stripes + Heels = happy me. 

Steve Madden Winonna Wedge.  Great colors to wear with everything!

So what are your favorite go-to shoes in the summer?  How do you feel about heels?  Do you love them sky high or just a bit of a heel?

Hope to be back later this week with pics of the first bloom of all of my roses!  Enjoy your Wednesday!


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