May 11, 2012

I can haz makeup part 2—eye stuff

Happy Friday!  I cannot believe it is already the 2nd week in May and it’s over! At least the weather is cooperating a little now. 

I thought I would give you more makeup faves, this time concentrating on the eyes.  They are my favorite feature to play up and I always like to have fun with them!

After I have put on my minerals, the first thing I must do is prime my lids with Urban Decay Primer Potion.   I cannot remember who recommended this to me but it makes my eye makeup wear like iron.  No creasing or fading at all!  This is one of my holy grail products.   You simply squeeze a teeny bit out and rub it onto lids and let it set for a few seconds.  At Christmas time, I got a HUGE tube of this at Ulta. It’s lasted me well over a year.  The only complaint is that it is getting harder to squeeze out of the tube.  But it’s a HUGE improvement from previous packaging, which I know many users complained about.   You will NOT be disappointed if you try this!

The second thing I use is MAC Paints.  Now they are only making neutral Paints and also have introduce Paint Pots since then but I still have my old ones and my silver one (forget the actual name) is lovely. The consistency is very light and you use very little to cover your lid with a base color.  I swear I’ve had my little silver tube for well over 5 years!  I will be so sad when I use the last of it.  It brightens up and gives depth to any eye color you are using.

Shadows. OMG, where to start.   When I first got into makeup I was obsessed with MAC everything.  I had to have every new shadow that came out, I would read tons of blogs devoted to MAC and I seemed to know the collections that were coming out before the artists did.  I told you I was a geek when I got into something.  That being said, MAC is still my go to for eye shadows.  I seriously have so many I don’t think I will run in out in a very long time.  I love all of the color and they really give a great color payoff.  My all time fave ever quad from MAC is Perverted Pearl, which was limited edition. I still use it! See below for pic:

As for shades, I can give you a few of my favorites that are still in the collection:

Forgery (silver):

Silver ring (muted grey):

Bitter (a funky green that looks great with blue eyes)

Aquadisiac (beautiful turquoise that looks great layered or by itself)

Vex (a beige with pink/green pearly highlight)

There are so many colors that I would love to show you but are no longer around!  I think I’ll have to do another post on the colors that are discontinued!

I know this is a no-no but I am one of those who like to somewhat match the shadows to their clothing.  When I say somewhat I don’t mean exact but in the same family.  For example, I will wear grey tones on my eyes if I am wearing black or gray clothing.   But if I am wearing blue, I will do a neutral eye with brown liner and a pop of blue in the crease.   And if I am wearing color I may go more funky and wear more color on the eyes.  Again, nothing too wild for work, just subtle color.


After my shadow, I get out my liner.  Currently, my liner of choice is a gel liner.  I prefer MAC Fluidline, Bobbi Brown Gel liner, or Maybelline Lasting Drama.  They are all very similar in my opinion, but if pressed for a favorite I would pick the Bobbi Brown.  I like the consistency best.  I prefer gel liner because I am a mess with pencils and liquid but I like a precise line.  The gel is the easiest way to get that.  I use my trusty MAC 210 brush and slowly feather it on.  On the bottom part if my eye, I will use a little pencil liner, usually a grey or black or sometimes none at all!

Next come lash primer.  Now you might think lash primer is a waste of time.  I’m here to tell you it’s worth it if you don’t have thick lashes like me.  My lashes are long but not thick and this gives them soom oomph!  The one I am using now is by Sephora and they no longer make it.  But I have the Clinique Lash Primer (above) waiting in the wings.  I’ve heard good things about this!

After I let that dry (usually go and iron my clothes for work while it dries), it’s time for mascara.  Mascara is such a discussed topic.  Everyone seems to have one they like and swear by but not everyone seems to love the same one.  I have tried SO MANY, I can’t even keep count.  I have been suckered in by new claims but I think I have found the one I am sticking with.  I used to use and adore Max Factor Volume Couture mascara.  It was the first one with the plastic brush nubby things.  It gave me the greatest lashes ever.  When they discontinued it, I went on Amazon and bought 4 tubes.  When that was gone, I started a new hunt and read that the Cover Girl Lash Perfection was very similar to the MF.   It’s not exactly the same, but it’s close!!!  I have strayed once from this mascara and went right back to it.  It gives long full lashes with no clumps!

The last thing I do after all of that is to fill in my brows a little bit.  I use a MAC shadow called Omega and a stiff angled brush to just put a little definition into the area.  It really does make a difference in your face and anchors your look.  Look at Megan Fox’s brows above.  Those are great on her and the perfect arch!

I could talk about makeup all day long and stuff I love, but that would be a VERY long post.  So thanks for reading this far! 

And I figured I would show you my outfit today. EEK—I hate pics of myself and I really hate this one.  My legs look short and wide.  I swear my outfit doesn’t look this weird in person.  I got a lot of compliments today!  I took it in the bathroom at work LOL.

The weather here in the ‘burgh is going to be beautiful this weekend!  Can’t wait to enjoy it!  Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. I'm a new fan of mascara primers! My fave - Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer. My big problem with mascara is that my lashes are straight and droop down and 99% of mascaras won't hold the curl I put in them. The Dr Mascara holds the curl no matter what mascara I put on top -- and if used as a top coat, makes any mascara waterproof. I'm going to review it on my blog v. soon b/c this stuff is Holy Grail material.