May 21, 2012

Karma loves me


Gotta love karma.   I had posted below about heels and wedges and how much I love heels and how I hate flat shoes.  Karma pays me back.  On Thursday at the gym I was putting weight onto a rack to do reverse squats and the weight (45 lbs.) slipped right out of my hand and onto my toes.  Remember when Lucy was grossed out when she had ‘dog germs’ from Snoopy?  That is how I ran around the gym in a circle when I dropped that weight.  I’m sure I looked crazy but it hurt sooo bad!

So stupid me thought I could stay at the gym and finish my light work out.  Yeah right!  I could barely walk once the swelling set in.   I took of my shoe when I got home and it was not good.  Swelling but no bruises—yet.  I iced my toes and elevated them for the evening.  The next morning when I got up, my toes looked like this:

bruised toes

EWWW.  I wasn’t planning on seeing a doctor but a few people at work convinced me to go.  Originally I had an appointment for next Thursday, but SJ called me and told me that was too late and could she call the podiatrist for me?   I said sure and figured her ‘persistence’  wouldn’t hurt.  She texted me that she got me in for Saturday at 8am.  Wow—impressive Salsa Judy!

After an x-ray, the doc was rather impressed I only had a small fracture on the lower right corner of my first bone of my big toe (no idea the medically correct name).  I received a beautiful surgical shoe to wear for at least a week to give my foot some support.

surgical shoe

Isn’t it lovely?  But in the meantime, this means no heels!  So after the appointment I had to hit Target for a pair of low-wedged sandals to wear to work.  I cannot wear tennis shoes to work for a week---no way.  I found a pair that will do but they are so NOT my style and too low of a heel. But they will do for now.

Lesson learned—Don’t mess with karma. 

Luckily for me I am not in a huge amount of pain.  I just walk slower. 

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