May 29, 2012

General Random-ness….


Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!   DH and I had quite the relaxing weekend.   Well he did after he came home when he was called in to do an emergency liver transplant (he’s a surgical nurse) on Friday.  So he was at work from 6:45-5:15 and then had to go back at 9:30PM! How do they expect someone to function on that little sleep?   Just doesn’t seem right to me!

So now for some stream-of-consciousness a la James Joyce……

Anyhow—I was quiet as could be Saturday morning while DH slept and we hit a cookout where we tried out our adult slushies from Davis & Davis.  They were delicious and a hit! 

Sunday we did nothing but veg around the house and it was heavenly.  It was too hot to really do anything outside anyway. I am reading the 50 shades trilogy and am on book 3 now.  To be honest, I was expecting a bit more but these are a good fun read.   The writing leaves a lot to be desired (especially if you have read Anne Rice’s Beauty series) but E.L. James does capture the chemistry between the 2 main characters well.   I feel for Ana in the book because I’ve been a young 21 year old and know what it’s like to have emotions coming at you from every angle.  I also like the character of Christian too.  He actually evolves through out each book and there are many layers to Mr. Fifty Shades.  I was actually more interested in his story more than anything!

I thought this meme was hilarious! I just didn’t find the book that smutty to be honest.  It was a bit explicit but nothing you can’t read about anywhere in Cosmo.  It’s the content that must freak people out.  Bottom line-don’t read this expecting high brow fiction. Read it for fun and then draw your own conclusions. 

As of today I am officially cleared to go back to the gym!  My doctor said my toe should be fine during workouts!  Yay!  It’s still a little bruised and my toe nail is black (see below) but I am happy to get back to working out.  Being lazy actually helped to get me motivated!

Now I just have to figure out what exactly I want to do in the gym.  I did the Jamie Eason program and could start that from scratch but I’ll be honest, I’m kind of bored with it.  If you have any suggestions for a routine (because that’s what I do best with), please let me know!  I’ll still keep working on Zumba and spinning but I need something for weights.  I’ll be browsing around tonite on the web for a good program that keeps me going for a few months.

How come when you have money to spend you don’t really want anything but when you shouldn’t be spending you want to buy everything??  I recently got an Express gift card and there’s really nothing that jumps out at me right now.  I am sure I can save it for fall or a great sale later in the summer, but it’s burning a hole in my wallet right now.  Although this dress is surely cute for summer!

And this top would look cute with colored jeans or skirt or just about anything!

But considering the amount of clothing I already have (and I can hear DH saying it in my head as we speak LOL), I will wait to see what goes on sale later in the summer.  I’m sure I can find some new fall clothes to covet with no problems!

Stay cool and before I go I will show you my yellow rose bush.  This pic was taken on Thursday evening and now the bush has 28 roses blooming on it!  



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