Jul 19, 2011

Making up for lost time.....

Happy Tuesday Friends! 
I hope you guys out there in blogland are keeping cool!  It's going to be 90 here with a heat index of 94.  I am not leaving the house unless I have to.  Yesterday DH and I saw Horrible Bosses and it was pretty funny!  I hope I never have a boss that terrible to work for.  Life is hard enough!  

Since I received my unemployment money, I 'repaid' myself back my birthday money that I used to pay bills.   Most of it is going to be saved, but I did to a little damage over the weekend.  My brother and I went to see Harry Potter (Did you see it? What did you think?) and then did a bit of shopping afterwards.  Here's what I got:

Express Dress
After the movie, we stopped at Express to check out their sale and I also had a coupon.  I had seen this dress in a magazine ( I think People Stylewatch) and instantly coveted it.  I love navy and stripes and as my brother pointed out--I can't get enough of them.  I was a bit unsure about how it would look on me though as I normally don't run towards horizontal stripes.  I figured I would at least try it on.  The dress doesn't have stretch and is very comfortable!  I called brother over for his opinion.  If anyone will tell you if something looks like crap on you, it's your family.  He said it looked good and not too short.  SOLD!  I used my coupon and saved $15.   I will probably wear it with a brown belt and sandals. 

MIA Maderiann

I also checked out what Piperlime had on sale.  I have a very old pair of MIA sandals that I've had a few years and have worn them to bits.  These sandals jumped out at me instantly as a replacement.  They showed up this morning and they fit perfectly!  Will be great to wear with everything from jeans to dresses!  And you gotta love the free shipping.  AND they were under $30!  *pats self on back*

Clean Eating magazine
Most of you who know me in real life know that I'm a magazine freak.  I subscribe to at least 6 magazines and I love finding new ones to read.  I had been buying Clean Eating in stores for a while and finally bit the bullet and just subscribed.  Most of their recipes have turned out delicious for me and I save them and always refer back to them.  Even DH likes most of what I've made from there, which is saying something.  It offers many recipes, different foods to try, nutrition info, recipe makeovers, and restaurant reviews.  I try to eat 90% healthy most of the time and if I have some tasty recipes it will make it MUCH easier for me to do it.    I found a wonderful deal for this on BestDealMagazines.com, and I highly recommend them.  Very good prices and services!

TJ Maxx finds
I dragged poor brother all over the place shopping but he was a good sport since he needed a few things as well.  We stopped at TJ Maxx and I found a cute Steve Madden leather belt (to wear with my new dress!) and these cute Ralph Lauren shoes.  I love blue and I love plaid so these were perfect for me and they were on clearance!  

Now my appetite for shopping has been satisfied for the time being.  DH and I agreed that we'll order the Annie Sloan paint after our trip early next month so I can paint our bedroom furniture finally!  I think it will pull the room together so much better! 

Also want to thank everyone for best wishes for DH.  I didn't really post on here on the blog but he had knee surgery on July 8th and has been home with me for the last 2 weeks.  It's been hard for him since he can't drive and can't do anything for himself really.  Probably a blessing in disguise that I have been around to take him to appointments and errands.  We will go back on Friday for the followup and he will hopefully get the okay to drive and go back to work (light duty only).  He is so bored at home.  

Will be posting shortly with one more good news update.  Stay tuned! 

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