Jul 1, 2011

Friday Favorites and updates.....

Happy Friday to everyone!!!   An extra day off to celebrate America's birthday!  Woot!

Sorry that I've been on a little hiatus.  I've been strong on the job hunt and there are some really wonderful opportunities out there.  Just hope one of them is the right one for me! 

Today was an 'off' day for in terms of interviews since many of the prospects I have are on vacation due to the 4th of July.  I sometimes feel that trying to find a job is a job in itself.  And it's not a steady routine for me, which tends to throw me off a bit.  I forget to eat and get wrapped up in my time searching online for positions and emailing and updated resumes.  Poor DH is happy I remember to make dinner!   So anyway--I took this Friday off from job hunting.  I met my BFF and her little boy at South Park for a nice long walk. We went before it go too hot and enjoyed it.  I'm trying to be active during this job hunt and it's so nice to have a friend is free to go with me.   For those of you who are familiar with South Park, I really miss living right by it!   There are so many nice areas to explore and walk and see animals!
South Park

After our walk my BFF took me to a belated birthday lunch. Thank you Sheg!!!   After that it was a trip to the store for some baking items and then back home to get some cleaning done.  Now I have some garlic chicken in the oven and will be baking my Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars for a party tomorrow.   Do you have big plans for this weekend?    DH and I are going to a Christian Klay winery tomorrow for a crab boil.  Then off to a party at friends'.   Hopefully the weather will cooperate! 

Friday Favorites!!! 

Thanks for sticking to the post if you've read this far. I'm STILL waiting for my unemployment funds to come through (next week will start week 6 GRRR), so I'm trying really hard not to shop. I can't imagine being a single parent with NO income, waiting for unemployment for this long! Get your act together PA! *rant over*

As I was saying, I'm trying not to shop. But it's really really really hard for me. However, most of the presents I received from friends and family this year were in the form of cash since they knew I was searching for a job. And I appreciate it. I did buy a few things--but I promise everything was on MAJOR sale and I used said cash for purchase. Here's one of the things I got:
Skirt from Calypso at Target

I had been checking out the Calypso line at Target for a while now but I wanted to wait for a sale. I hardly ever buy anything at full price. I'm a sale hunter. I was actually at Target for a few other things but of course I had to check out the sale racks. I found this skirt and it was the one I had my eye on since I saw it on the website. The only size they had left was a Large, which I figure might be too big but I wanted to try it on anyway. It was a little bit big, but that also made it a bit longer which I did like. I will probably wear it tomorrow to the winery with a bright green tank and sandals. Anything to keep cool as it's supposed to hit 90!

So since I haven't bought much I will share some of my old favorites with you.

Most of you who know me in real life know I change my haircolor frequently. It's been red, blonde, black, brown, blue and pink! But now I alternate between blonde and red. Most people assume I'm a natural redhead if they don't know me. I have the coloring and the ancestry (my dad was a redhead) to pull it off. But everyone knows if you have red haircolor that it's hard to keep it red. Red fades the fastest! So how do you keep it fresh. Use color depositing shampoo.
Conditioner from Sally's
This Quantum Riveting Reds Color Refreshing Conditioner is my all time fave color conditioner.  I've tried others, including Artec and Aveda but this one is the best!  I actually use a teeny bit every day and mix with a bit of my reg conditioner.  Once a week I use only this and let it sit on my hair for a while and then rinse out.  It's not heavy at all and really helps keep the red in. Even my stylist commented on it!  And it's a great price too! 

I will make a point to save as much as I can while I'm not working but DH knows not to mess with 2 essentials for me---hair appointments and skincare.  I would not show up to an interview with ratty hair and I've got really annoying problem skin so I won't stop using products that work for me. Everything else is negotiable.
Smoothing Gel from Sage

That being said, I have to give a shout out to my skincare, Sage Skincare.  She's been in business a long time and has worked in the paramedical industry before starting Sage.  I've been using her products since 2000, when I read about her on an online beauty review site.  I started out with a Try Me Pack, which gives you 8 weeks of products for your specific skin type.  Barbara (the owner) will also have you fill out a questionnaire which she will then suggest changes if you have a specific issue.  I started out with the oily/acne prone one and have tweaked my routine in the past few years since I was diagnosed with rosacea.  I emailed Barbara about changing my routine and she replied back within a day with her suggestions.  Even if you don't feel like ordering, her site is filled with great skincare tips, especially for those of us with problem skin. 

I can tell you honestly that these products are the only thing that has kept my skin reasonably clear for the past 10 years.  I strayed one to try a 'natural' oil skincare and it was zit city.  My skin NEEDS the strong stuff. 

This weekend (until July 4th) she is having a 20% off Birthday sale (use the code BIRTHDAY and check website for restrictions).  I am not in any way affiliated with Sage, other than being a loyal customer.  If you do decide to try anything, let me know what you think!!!

Cleanse Your Soul Sugar Scrubs

Last fave for this week:  Cleanse Your Soul.  I'm an e-tailer lover.  Mainly because you can get superior products at prices and scents you really love.  There are so many out there and I feel there are only a few who deliver consistent quality with order after order. Cleanse Your Soul is one of them.  I started ordering from them about 8 years ago after reading about them on Makeup Alley.  Judy was the owner then and she quickly gained a reputation for blending the most wonderful scents!!  I quickly ordered up some of them and have been in love ever since!   Judy recently sold her business to Lisa as her kids were growing older and didn't need her to be at home so much.  Lisa is continuing the tradition of good service and wonderful scents.  And there are a ton of scents to choose from!  From foody to more traditional and then some!

Some of my fave scents:
  • Carina (CYS Exclusive) - Rich buttercream blended with vanillas, whipped cream and marshmallow 
  • Coconut Cake (CYS Exclusive) - Fresh from the oven coconut cake (I get a lot of compliments on this one!)
  • Pink Brulee (CYS Exclusive)- Amazing blend of Pink Sugar and Creme Brulee (A nurse at my doctor's office made me write down the scent and site she liked this so much!)
  • Fluffy Pom Pom (CYS Exclusive) - Pomegranates blended with marshmallow cream 
  • Coral Sugar - (CYS Exclusive) - Blend of Blood Orange and Pink Sugar. This smells amazing! (This is a best seller)
Some of my fave products (scroll down after clicking on links):
  • Perfume--very long last scents and wonderful price
  • Goats Milk and Honey Cream:  Very moisturizing but not greasy.  I love matching the scents to the perfumes I order.
  • Foaming Sugar Scrub:  I LOVE this product.  It's not greasy or oily and gets you clean and exfoliates gently.  Plus you can get it layered in more than one scent.
  • Tarts:  I'm also a home fragrance junkie and I love tarts for making our home smell yummy. These are some of the strongest I've tried!
Lisa also has a sale for the month of July and gives new customers 20% off.  Please click here for more info.   (Again--not affliated with Cleanse Your Soul in any way, just a happy customer!)

Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!  And a huge thank you to all of those serving our country right now and the veterans (DH and my grandfather are both veterans) out there who served as well!


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