Aug 1, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Sorry I've been away folks!  Lots going on with DH's recovery and interviews and a bunch of other random things in life!   This post might be a bit random, so bear with me.

The happy news is some I've been waiting to tell but didn't want to jinx it!  I GOT A JOB!  Finally! 

Can I take a minute and vent about the ridiculous process of drug testing?  Not the testing itself because I could care less about that.  The stupid process of it.  I take a prescription that often shows up in tests.  The logical thing would be to allow said tester to let the testing company know up front that you take XYZ and bring the script info with you.  Well of course they are not logical.  I had a test done on July 20th and only got full results back TODAY.   Basically, they do the test.  If it comes up as positive for certain items (doesn't tell you what it is), they have to re-test it another way which takes longer.  Which is what happened to me.  I spoke with the Medical Officer and he simply took my script info and verified it.  Simple right?  So why can't they do that when you take the test so you don't have to keep re-testing?  Um, okay whatever.   I was told it is to prevent addicts from getting scripts to pass tests.  I did let my new boss know up front about my script so she wasn't taken aback by the wait but still annoying.   *rant over*

Beer tasting at Dublin Irish Festival

So anyway---we have a targeted start date of this Wednesday!  I will be there for 2.5 days since DH and I have a weekend trip to the Dublin Irish Festival!   We have been looking forward to this for months.  I will be sure to get lots of pics of all the fun bands, events and displays.  I've even called ahead for DH so we can get him a wheelchair for the day if he gets to be sore from the crutches.  I'll be wearing my green and even have a great shamrock mug to drink from all day! :)

I also ordered my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint from Classic Wall Finishes.  Hopefully it comes soon so I can start painting next weekend.  I just have to find some new drawer pulls.  Anywhere good to check out online that isn't too expensive?

On a fun note, DH and I saw Cowboys and Aliens on Sunday.  I enjoyed it a lot.  I'm a bit biased though since I love Daniel Craig.  But the movie itself was well done and entertaining and all of the actors were very good.

Jars from Thrifting

Also on Friday I went thrifting with a friend of mine to the Salvation Army store.  We haven't done that in a LONG time.  I came home with some great books (50% off), 3 skirts, a great fitting pair of jeans (for $1.50!) and mason jars to decorate with! 

I still plan on blogging once I start working so hopefully you'll keep reading!

Have a great Monday night!

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  1. Ironic?! the beer samples kinda look like pee samples..just saying! Congrats on the J-O-B.