Oct 20, 2011


imageI haven’t yet decided if Pinterest is the best invention ever or the devil in disguise.  It give me wonderful ideas but makes me want to shop and spend even more (if that’s possible!!!)  I can always find a fashion idea, a decorating idea or a ‘hey I never thought of that!’ idea. 

Here’s what I’m coveting this week:

Vintage fashion advertisements—DH redid one of our bathrooms for me in black and white with a real vintage vibe.  The walls are kinda naked for me so I am looking for the right kind of artwork to hang.  I just love the idea of vintage ads like the Chanel one above. I think that this would look so pretty in a silvery frame on the wall and add some class to the bathroom.

Zig Zag CurtainsI’ve seen these popping up on blogs and site everywhere lately! In my slow as molasses attempt on fixing up ‘my room’, I’ve been pinning wishlist items for weeks.  I came across a bunch on Etsy and found a sweet seller at La Fortune Linens who will most likely be making some for my strangely shaped window.  We have a 60’s ranch that has windows that are placed higher up on the walls and I want curtains that don’t hang to the floor.  Plus, I always seem to want something that no one ever has in a store.   I adore the color of these and the design and I think when I get my furniture painted with ASCP in Provence it will look smashing!


This top from ASOS—I fully admit to being a sucker for animal print. I have it on belts, shoes, dresses, tops and even a headband! This top is a bit different—kind of a dalmatian print.  The neckline can be worn in different ways and love the cuffs with the full sleeves.  Blair from Atlanta-Pacific (a fave blog) also wore in pattern mixing way.  I don’t know if I could wear it as well as she does (and not to work) but I love her styling of it.  Here’s a pic:

Cobalt Jeans--- As I’ve said before, this is my fave color EVER.  I LOVE these jeans.  The only thing that scares me is the fit.  I will have to go and try them on first.  I’ve got more curves than the model ever will so I’m not so sure they will look good on me.  But I’m willing to try!

Have a great Thursday---what are you coveting?

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  1. I think the shirt from ASOS and those blue jeans would look so chic together! xoxoxoo