Oct 11, 2011

Windows Live Writer—where has this been all my life?

Thanks to Centsational Girl’s post on Windows Live Writer, I realize how much I have needed this in my life.  It makes posting, editing pics and just working on a blog in general so much easier.  I consider myself technically savvy, but I’m no coder.   So when I read her post I was stocked to try this out.  

This is my first post and my first test in using Windows Live Writer.  I like the way I can edit my fonts, pics and use plug-ins.  I’ll play with this a bit more this evening and then really get into it.

If you are interested in downloading WLW, please go here. Centsational Girl explains to you better than I can on how to use it and the pros and cons.  I’m at work so I just have a few minutes to test it out.  Winking smile

If you’ve used it, I’d love to know any trips or tricks you’d care to pass on!

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