Sep 19, 2011

My first furniture painting experience with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

So I finally got around to trying out my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP).  After reading all about it from Miss Mustard Seed's post and Centsational Girl's Q&A, they had me ready to take the plunge.

I decided I was going to paint our bedroom furniture, which I was never a fan of.  DH picked it out before we moved to MN and had to do it in a hurry and I wasn't around to give my opinion.  I've always wanted to do something to it, but the thought of stripping the furniture and then sanding and painting was never something that sounded fun to me.  Enter ASCP.

Here's the dresser I started with before:
Dresser before

And here are the drawers (Please excuse the messy room):

drawers before
After removing the handles, I simply cleaned off the furniture with a slightly damp rag and let dry.  Then I got down to the mixing.  I wanted a slightly transparent look.  I filled a big plastic cup with a bit of water (didn't measure but I would guess about half a cup of water) and then added some Old White and mixed. It was slightly thinned out.  Then I grabbed my brush (I ordered 3 synthetic brushes with my paint) and got started.  I found the paint to be very easy to work with and not at all too thick.  I did notice brush strokes, so I tried to start and the top and get a clean swoop across the wood.  I was done with the first coat in about an hour, but since this was my first time using it I thought that wasn't too bad.

First coat:
First Coat
first coat on drawers
Not too bad.  I waited about an hour or so for it to dry.  It says you don't have to wait that long, but hey I had some DVR to catch up on and I was being lazy!  I started the second coat and realized how well the first coat really covered!  I didn't need much of a second coat at all.   I let it dry overnight since I wanted to check it out in the daylight for anything I may have missed.  And well yeah--I didn't feel like doing any more that day.

Sunday I inspected my work and got to work with DH's sanding block to distress it in a few places like corners and drawer edges. There have been some questions about distressing before or after waxing. I prefer to do it before so you can get the distressed areas to show up a bit more when you use your wax.  Everyone was right--this stuff sands off into a find powder and looks great!  Then it was time to wax.  I will be honest--this is the part I probably didn't do correctly.  Annie Sloans's wax was a bit steep for my pocketbook so I just used some SC Johnson Paste Wax that was warmed up.  I first applied with a brush and found that made marks.  I then switched to a soft cloth and just rubbed it on in a very light coat.  Let it dry a bit and then buffed it out.  Next time I will probably go for a better wax but for my fist time I think I did the best I could.

Once everything was ready, I put the old handles back on to see how they would look.  I had thought I would buy new ones, but I thought these looked pretty good!  Here are the results---what do you think?
All done!
closeup of drawers
ASCP really lives up to the hype for me.  Hopefully I can get some time this weekend to do the other tall dresser and the nightstand.  DH didn't get the distressed look at all.  Once I was finished he said "How come there is paint missing in some places?"  He couldn't believe that I would WANT it to look like that!!! LOL  Now I have shop around some thrift stores to find an old mirror to hang over it as I hate the mirror it came with.  Super 80's looking and not in a good way.

If anyone else has tried this paint, tell me what you think!  I'd love to know any more tricks or tips to do a better job and if there is a wax I can get locally to use!

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  1. Found your blog via the Annie Sloan Facebook page. Glad to hear that the paint lived up to all the hype for you! It really is amazing. I will tell you though, the wax is definitely worth the price. It goes a really long way, just as the paint. The paint is made to absorb the wax so you can really work it in. The Annie Sloan wax is super soft, and SO easy to work with. Once you apply it, let it sit for a bit until it is slightly tacky and then buff buff buff! You will LOVE the outcome! It will look and feel almost like satin. Great job and enjoy! :)

  2. Hi Melissa, I'm impressed. I too prefer to work with a slightly watered down version of AS paint as I find it so much nicer to work with even if you have to give it a second coat (not allways). It is amazing how it goes over just about anything without prep. I have mixed my some of the colours to produce different ones and it works beautifully. Yes, the waxing with AS clear wax is pretty straightforward but the dark wax has taken me some time to get used to. You do realise that once you start using this paint there is not stopping!

  3. Thanks guys--I think I'm going to have to order the wax now!

  4. hey, melissa, you did a GREAT job and are proudly no longer a furniture painting virgin. welcome to the club. ;)

  5. Thank you Cassie! I'm just excited it went well and I am anxious to try more!

  6. This looks so great -- love it! Excited to read more of your posts -- come visit me if you can!


  7. Your restyle looks incredible! I'm thrilled that you are so pleased with ASCP it's worth every penny.I have done several projects and I use Johnson and Johnson Paste Wax I think it works just fine, I also have ASCP dark wax which is just delicous to work with. Stop by for a blog visit. I'm your newest follower!!

  8. Ahhhhh....another ASCP addict! Join the club, girlie! lol! Don'tcha just adore it??? Your dresser turned out just beautifully! I know I'll never use any other paint on furniture. I know that the wax is pricey, but it goes on so smoothly and easily, it's well worth the extra moola. Plus it goes a long way, just like the paint. The dark wax took me a while to get used to. I found that you must use a very light hand with it because it's like staining over your paint. But now....I love it! :)

    xoxo laurie