Sep 28, 2011

Am I blue......

beautiful blue room
Well no, not really.  I'm more of a pale, ghostly white.  ;)

Happy Hump day all!  Hope this first week of fall is treating you well.  It's definitely in the air here and there are already some leaves falling from our trees!

Can I just say how much I love the color blue?  In all of its forms.  Maybe it's because my sign is Cancer, a water sign.   Maybe it's because a beautiful blue ocean makes me smile.  But either way I seem to want to be surrounded by blue everything all the time!

Hubby doesn't seem to share in this love of blue like I do.  Our bedroom walls are blue, but that's it.  He's not crazy about blue in the rest of our home, which is mostly neutrals.  If I had my way, our entire home would be various shade of blue, from navy to turquoise.

But---I've decided to make 'my' room (considered our spare bedroom but really a home for my clothes and makeup) more me, aka more blue.   I'd show you pics of the room, but I'm embarrassed to say it's a MESS.  Seriously organization needed before Hoarders shows up.  Okay, not that bad but pretty bad.

The room itself is not that big and has a bed, a vintage vanity, a dresser and a large armoire in it.  I'm trying to come up with a way to streamline the furniture arrangement to make it better organized and accessible to everything.  If you have any sites or ideas for me to check out, pass them on!  The problem is that the closet takes up one wall and I don't want to cover windows with furniture.   Tell me your thoughts if you have found a way to use your space more effectively.

The other projects I would like to do are:

Dresser painted in Provence
 Paint the dresser a blue shade.  The dresser I have is old and stained dark.  After the success I've had with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and our bedroom furniture, I am super excited to try it in a blue shade. I think it would brighten up the room and would make me happy to see it every morning instead of the dark shade.   Here are some Annie Sloan colors I'm considering (taken from her site):
Duck Egg Blue
Greek Blue
Louis Blue


I think any of these would look good on the dresser (I need to get a pic for your thoughts), but I'm leaning toward Provence or Duck Egg Blue.  I think the Greek Blue would be too dark unless lightened up a bit, and I haven't seen the Louis Blue used a whole lot.   So if I paint the dresser Provence, should I do the armoire in the same color or a contrasting one?   I am planning to slightly distress both.

Repaint the metal bed frame.  Has anyone ever done that?  What paint did you use?  I am thinking I can use the ASCP but not sure.  I need to email them and ask but people pretty much use it to paint everything from walls to decks!

Shabby Chic from Target
Get some curtains.  Right now all I have are blinds and the window looks a bit naked.  The pic above is Shabby Chic from Target.  I hunted these up a few weeks ago but found out they were online only.  Not quite sure but I think the search will continue.

Hooks from JoyFrameworks
Get a some organization going.  I'm a big cluttery mess and I need pretty ways to organize my stuff.  These hooks from JoyFrameworks on Etsy are perfect but they have been sold.  I am checking her site for news to pop up.  I could hang my belts on here nicely!

wall decal from decoration wall on Etsy
I'd like to get something fun on the walls.  They're neutral and I'm keeping them that way but isn't this decal fun?  It's from Decoration Wall on Etsy and I fell in love with it.  I think DH will have to help me stick it on the wall though!   I also have some MAC postcards framed and will put that up above my vanity.

First step would be for me to actually clean up the space so I can work in there.  I'd like to get the paint ordered soon to jumpstart myself.  Once I get that dresser painted, I'm sure I'll be more enthusiastic about all of the other work as well. 

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your ideas!!!

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