Jul 11, 2012

Latest Favorites…..

So my latest faves are all over the place…..but here they are!

First up is Pepperidge Farm Pumpernickel bread.  This stuff is so good!  I know pumpernickel has never been that popular, but I guess it’s making a comeback due to the fact that it is very low on the glycemic scale.  I’ve always loved pumpernickel, ever since I was a kid and we went to a German restaurant in Hilton Head on vacation.  Our family must have eaten 8 baskets of that bread!  Anyway, I was looking for some new kind of bread to make my usual sandwich for work with.  I was eating a whole wheat but was sick of it.  I spotted this at Walmart and was excited.  Loaded up my Weight Watchers scan app and it came up at 2 points a slice!  AND—no high fructose corn syrup!  SCORE! 

Another foodie find—Havarti with Dill cheese.  I was at one of our local farmers markets last year when our cheese guy had this and let me try a slice.  OMGyummmmy.  So delicious with a hint of dill for a great flavor.  He gets his from the Amish in Ohio but my link above will take you to a site that you can order from directly.  This goes great with my pumpernickel bread and some buffalo chicken breast from the deli.  All of those flavors make for an amazing sandwich that will keep you full after lunch. 

This dress from Express.  I had first mentioned in this post, and then I went and got it when I had a GC and a coupon to use.   I wasn’t sure how it would look on me or how short it would be.  Luckily I was shopping with my BFF Sheg (waves!) and I knew she would be honest if it looked like crap.  When I put it on, I thought it looked great.  Even the sleeveless, which I normally hate.  She agreed and thought it was really flattering too.  The trick for my shape (which is hourglass), is to have a defined waist.  I just slip a cardi over it and it’s the perfect work dress.  The colors are so pretty and vibrant—you cannot be sad cat in this dress!

This jacket from LC Lauren Conrad from Kohl's.  Doesn’t look that cute from the pic, but I took a chance and ordered.  I thought the colors were great and it had a soft drape.  I find this line to be all over the place with sizing.  Some of the dresses I tries on were really short and some of the tops were too big.  I ordered a medium and hoped for the best.  Well it fit perfectly.  I can see myself wearing this with jeans and a white tank with some cool jewelry on the weekend or for a casual day at work with a pencil skirt.  And of course it was on sale!  I guess I’ve been gravitating more towards florals lately with these purchases.  Probably my love of vintage. 

Wind by Zac Brown Band

Wind by Zac Brown Band.  I heard this song when I was driving home a few weeks ago and used Shazam to find out what it was.  I have a passing fancy for country music but anything that is bluegrass tinged and I’m there! 

That’s it for now---I’ll be back later with an real update on my Ancestry.com finding.


Happy Wednesday!

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