Mar 9, 2012

On Sickie Island….


Welcome to Sickie Island, population me and 2 kittehs. After this thing had been going around work in multiple incarnations I thought I had resisted.  But no, it snuck up on me this week.  Ugh. 

I am very rarely sick and am the worst patient ever.  I really just want to be left alone.  I guess we all feel that way don’t we?  I have been laying low since Wednesday afternoon and I’m getting antsy now.  I was hoping to make it to work today but I still feel like crap and DH says I sound even worse so I’m staying put and working on email and other stuff from home. 

So what do you do to keep busy when you are stuck at home on Sickie Island?  I try to read some books or magazines when I’m not sleeping.

Irish Breakfast tea is always a must, sick or not. 

A friend suggested I eat some spicy food since capsaicin (sp?) is good for helping to rid the body of infection and clear the sinuses.  DH brought some Chicken Tortilla soup from Costco last night and that certainly helped for a bit! 

For me, I usually know I’m getting a bug when my neck gets sore.  Apparently the glands there are the first line of defense for infection.  Usually I get that for a day and then I am okay but not this time.  Now I’m all stuffed up, my left ear feels clogged, and just overall achy. The pharmacist suggest I take Advil Cold & Sinus to help with symptoms but I feel like it’s never going to go away!  I alternated a bit with Mucinex D yesterday but that really dried me out and seemed to make me more congested to so I am back to the Advil today.  I’m sure at some point I’ll have to take the Mucinex to start clearing everything out.  EW

At some point, I know I will really get cabin fever.  You can only watch so many talk shows and What Not to Wear and soap operas. And sometimes you just don’t want to do anything at all.  I would like to try and watch a movie but I have a feeling I may fall asleep.  At least when DH gets home, I’ll have someone to talk to.  And there’s a hockey game on tonite as well.  And I have the weekend to hopefully recover.  


If you have any ideas or tips to force this infection to get on its way, please pass them along!!!! 


Hoping the next time you hear from me I’m not like the pic above!

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