Feb 17, 2012

Some Faves for Friday….


Happy Friday!!!!  Smile

For some reason, this week has gone both fast and slow for me.  Some days flew by and others (like today) are dragging on.   So I’ll give you some of my latest faves!

Momma Dietz Chicken Parmigiana  I stopped at Giant Eagle last night after work to pick up some lunch meat and came home with this delicious-ness.  If you’re trying to eat healthy, you’ll hear people tell you to stay away from lunch meats because of high sodium etc.  Normally I would agree.  However, this chicken is gluten and nitrate free.   Also low fat.  One serving of this (2 oz) is just 2 Points + for WW!  I was actually looking to get my usual, Cajun Turkey breast, but the deli servers asked me if I wanted to try this chicken as it was new.  They said it was exclusive to Giant Eagle, but as it’s on the D&W site, I’m not so sure.  But I can tell you that it’s tasty!!  I had it today on my sandwich for lunch and I loved every last bite!



The hunt for navy boots is over!!!!  I would say navy boots have always been my ‘white whale’ of sorts.  It’s hard enough to find navy shoes that don’t look like grandma shoes.  Finding navy boots is virtually impossible.  So imagine my shock when I saw these Paris Hilton boots on Macy’s website a few weeks ago.  I was perusing their shoe sale (had a giftcard that was burning my wallet) and saw these cuties on their site.  I had to click and confirm they were indeed navy.  Swoon!!! I wanted to order, then I saw $8 shipping and balked.  I’m sorry but $8 Macy’s?? Zappos and Amazon will ship for free!  So I copied the style name (Allison) and did a search online for them.  I am guessing that this navy shade was an exclusive to Macy’s because not even Paris Hilton’s own shopping site had that color.  Just black and gray.  So I started the sale stalking to see if they would drop or I could get a free ship code.  The following week I went out to dinner with SJ and we decided to stop at Macy’s to check out the clearance.  She got a few things and I hit the shoes.  I started talking to one of the shoe guys and asked him about the boots.  He said they didn’t carry them there but he could order them from the store for me and ship FOR FREE!  And they will match any online price if you print it out or show them on your phone, like I did.  I knew SJ had a 20% coupon I could have but she went in search of a ladies room.  I called her and she answered “What?! I am peeing!” LOL.  After SJ’s coupon and my giftcard I saved quite a bundle on these.  They fit perfectly and are a true navy in person. But they are very high (even for me) so I am going to get some cushions for the balls of my feet.  After wearing them to work, I received several compliments.  I’ve never been a Paris fan, but these shoes may help to change that! 



Sometimes it is hard to come up with new ideas for healthy food, especially when you don’t cook very often and you are the only one who eats most of it.  DH is lucky and can eat pretty much anything and stay thin.  That’s why I love magazines and blogs for giving me ideas.  One of my fave blogs lately is Hungry Meets Healthy.  Her blog tells it like it is and she’s adorable. She’s also realistic about healthy eating (we do need our treats) and she loves cookies more than me!  I had been wanting to cook with butternut squash for a while but hadn’t found a recipe that really appealed to me.  Until I saw her post on Butternut Squash and Blue Cheese Quinoa. The pic above is hers as well (I forgot to take a pic of mine!).  So you may look at this and think it doesn’t look super appetizing, but it was so FREAKING good.  You season the quinoa with some cinnamon and it really enhances the flavor of everything.  Plus, who could hate a recipe with blue cheese anything in it?  It was so easy to prepare—the hardest part was cutting up the squash.  DH took one look at this and refused to even try it but I happily ate it that night and took it for lunch the next few days.   Thank you Christina for the great recipe!!!  



Sometimes you don’t realize how much you love a product until you don’t have it.  That’s how I figured out I really love my Aveeno Postively Ageless eye cream.  You use such a teeny amount so it lasts a long time.  I am lucky to not have many wrinkles but I do have some starting to try and work their way out.  I ran out of this last week and was using a backup Garnier cream until I could hit Walmart to pick this up.  WOW—I could tell a difference right away.  This cream has a gel-like consistency and really makes you look awake.  I used to feel like my eye area was really dry (despite having VERY oily skin) but this stuff works its magic.  I use it both morning and evening.  I don’t find it expensive at $17 (some of the creams I have used in the past were $50 and up) but DH asked why it was so much.  Men just have no idea!!!


I’ll keep it short!   Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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