Feb 26, 2012




Happy Sunday to everyone!  We finally have some sunshine here in da ‘burgh and everyone and their mother seemed to be out today.  The grocery store was FILLED with people.  Could barely get through the aisles!   Now it’s count down to Oscar time.  I’m finishing up some cleaning and other chores before the big show comes on!  Cannot wait to see all of the great clothes! 

Here’s what I’m coveting (and may have bought lately)

These jeans from Target.  So many bloggers I follow have a version of these jeans and have made great looks.  I did a search online and of course both this pair and the grey version are sold out online.  My BFF in MN said she would look at her Target for me, but I decided to just stop on the way home from visiting my grandma at the hospital to take a look.  Lo and behold---they had them in my size!  Tried them on and decided to get them.  I couldn’t pass them up for under $25!!!  Now I just have to figure out how I want to wear them.  I am thinking with a bright color such as cobalt blue or kelly green.  What do you think?

These pants from Express.  As soon as I saw these on their site, I knew I would be getting them.  Kelly green is one of my favorite colors and I always get complimented whenever I wear this shade.  Must be the red hair!  The site shows it with blue but I don’t know if I would wear that combo to work.  It might be a bit TOO bright for work.  However, I think I could make them work with a lot of other items.  Express seems to be hitting the right spot this season for trends.  There are about 4 or 5 other pieces I have my eye on right now.

This Marc Jacobs bag.  It’s kind of funny to me that while I LOVE purses, I’ve never really gotten into the higher end bags.  Maybe because I know how rough I am on a bag.  It has to be able to take a good beating and then some!!   Right now I’m carrying a beautiful Lucky hobo that I was lucky enough to score on mega sale.   I have no problem buying shoes, but I never seem to find a purse that I really like.  Unless it’s one that costs $1500.  Last summer my brother and I took my mom to a mall because she wanted to order a couch at Pottery Barn.  She took so long that we got bored and hit Nordstrom.  I saw the most gorgeous Marc Jacobs bag and it was $1550.  Wrong!  Well, not as wrong as the saleslady at Pottery Barn who thought my brother and I were married---to eachother!!!!  LOL  Let’s just saw we do not look alike at all but that was still really weird!  Anyway---I could  never ever see myself paying that for a bag.  And the funniest part is that the saleswoman gushed over my bag, which was $25 from Kohls!!  Just shows that good style can be inexpensive.   The bag above is just so me and I know the the leather is quality and it will last a long time.  I plan on saving up for it and then treating myself.  Maybe for getting in my workouts for the week I’ll contribute an amount until I get there.  Good idea?


These Lucky sandals.  Of course I have to have a pair of shoes right?  If you know me in real life, you will know I love a high wedge!  I would gladly wear them all the time if I could, especially in the summertime.  Nothing looks cuter with just about everything than a wedge AND makes you taller.  Just saw these last week on Macy’s site and have them wishlisted already for when they go on sale.  I have 2 pairs of Lucky Brand now and they have not disappointed!  They also come in a tonal grey shade which is just as cute.  I can just hear Salsa Judy now “Oh Missy—how do you walk in those shoes?”.  She says that every time she sees me in a high wedge.  It’s called practice!!! 

Like that pic above?  Those are Toffee Oatmeal Cookies, other wise known as Zorba cookies.  I’m going to make these for my BFF in MN who was sweet enough to grab me a Jason Wu for Target kitteh scarf when they came out.  I call them Zorba cookies after her late kitteh Zorba.  I always send her treats with her Xmas gift and Zorba LOVED these cookies.  He was an extremely smart cat and very intuitive.  The last time I sent these to her (for her birthday), she and her roomie Michael both though the other had finished them off.  Until that night at 2am when Michael heard noises in the hallway.  There was Zorba, who had gotten the cookies off of the counter, dragged them off somewhere and hidden them, and was now taking them out when he thought everyone would be in bed.  So they decided to let him have them as he had worked so hard for it!   What a smart kitteh!!  So in his honor, I have christened these the Zorba cookies.  If you bake them, you will see why he loved them so much.

I better get started on the Zorba cookies!  Enjoy your Oscar Sunday!





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  1. holy heck i need those cookies. i love anything with toffee!