Dec 8, 2011

I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way…..


*Warning---super random post coming…..

Srsly---I’m not hiding! 

Holidays around here were super busy.  My grandma is still in rehab center and doing famously.  Truly is mind over matter.  And she bosses the nurses around too.  Or as she tells us “I don’t boss. I just advise.”  Haha.  My grandfather is still feeling effects from radiation but he is starting feel better.   Work was a crunch too with big meetings and staying later and lot of presentations.

Turkey day was insane.  I made these amazing Pumpkin Blondies (pic above is from the link) 3 times in a week.  Once for work, once for a friend recovering from a surgery, and once for Thanksgiving.  They were delish!  Very easy to make as well.  I also made green bean casserole and a WW sweet potato casserole that was a big hit!  But seriously, make these blondies and you will be loved by all.

The other big part of our long holiday weekend was our big kitchen purchases.  Our microwave (above the stove) had died a few weeks before and we figured we would check out hh gregg that opened recently.  DH had gotten it in his head that we should get a new oven as well so that they would match.  And before you ask, he is aware he has OCD tendencies!   I argued that there was nothing wrong with our current oven until Salsa Judy said to me “You always have to fight to get new stuff.  If he wants to spend, just shut up!” and I complied.  Smile  We meandered over to the store and looked at stuff WAY out of our price range *coughElectroluxcough* and found some nice microwaves and checked out the ranges.  Our salesguy Bruce suggested that we get the same brand since different brands had different colors of stainless.  DH just loved that.  After hemming and hawing for a LONG time, we ended up with the LG oven above.  I just want to point out that I wanted the less expensive stove and DH wanted the MOST expensive one.  Just sayin’  Winking smile  Anyway---we got those ordered and DH says we should get a fridge.  Prices were extremely good so we looked.  Then Bruce says did we measure?  Good point, Bruce!  We’ll be back!

 Tessaro's menu

DH and I leave hh gregg in search of food.  We tried a place in Bloomfield that was given a thumbs up from his co-worker, Tessaro’s.  Of course if you live in Bloomfield, you know this place.  But we don’t and we’re glad someone told us.  They have a full menu but are mainly known for their burgers.  DH hates getting a burger out but he made an exception here.  We both got a Bacon Bleu Cheeseburger.  It was sooo tasty.  Like melt in your mouth good. So worth extra WW points. 

After we got home, DH measured our old fridge—he wanted to go back to hh gregg!!!  I’m sure Bruce was overjoyed to see us (well maybe since they work on straight commission).  We got in and weedled around some more (measuring and such) before we settled on the fridge above.  I happily agreed to spend money on a new fridge as I hated our old side by side.  Just no room for anything.  And once my mom got a fridge like this, I was in LOVE.  Look at all of that room, plus a little drawer in the middle to put the stinky stuff (garlic, onions) in.   DH used is OCD-ness and ‘arranged’ the fridge for 25 minutes.  It’s great.

I give props to the shoppers who go out all hours to get their goodies.  I did that once and it just wasn’t for me.  I can shop online at home in my jammies instead!  Which is what I did.  I found some good deals for gifts for family and friends, but can’t post them here in case someone may read it!

I’ll have updates this weekend for you on WW new plan changes (good and bad), progress (or lack there of) on my room, and fashion-y post on ideas I need.

What are your holiday plans---do you have any time for yourself this time of year?  Saturday is our anniversary and we have my work party and then another party!  I am ready for a nap already!

Keep warm and cozy……..


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