Dec 12, 2011


Are you impressed I have posted again so quickly?  Winking smile  A little bit more time on my hands this week.

So those of you who know me in real life know that I’m an avid Weight Watcher. I am really proud of being a Lifetime member and I have zero problems talking to anyone who wants to listen! LOL  But like anyone, I struggle with staying motivated.  I’ve lived this healthy lifestyle since 2007 but there are times when I just lose my mojo and have a hard time keeping focused.  What’s a girl to do?

Well WW has helped with some of it and I’m thrilled.  This past week at our meeting, we learned of some new changes to the plan they are calling Points Plus 2012.  The biggest plus of all was that Lifetime members no longer have to pay for E-tools!!!  Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile As long as you are coming to meetings regularly and weigh in at least once a month, you will receive a voucher that enables you to receive E-tools for free!  E-tools will be going up to $14.95 a month, so that is a pretty decent savings for a year.  It will more than pay for my weekly Starbucks trip with my WW friends.

The other big news is that you can adjust your daily points allowance.  One of my big gripes with the Points Plus was that I thought they were giving us too many Points to use during the day.  There were days when I didn’t eat them all.  Well I guess the folks at WW did some research because they made it adjustable.  My old PP for the day was 29 and it was changed to 26.  I changed it to 27 and usually do not go over this.  Some Points Plus values were also adjusted.  One member pointed out that wine had dropped by 1!  Winking smile

We also received a bunch of new materials: a Q&A book, a new Pocket Guide (with a special one for us Lifetimers), and a new book to help us get started.  The information is really helpful and laid out very well. 

After the meeting,  our leader Jane held a special info session to answer question and help us get started.  When you’re a new WW'er there is always one Getting Started session after the meeting.  This time, WW has realized we will need a bit more help and addressed it.  Now there will be 4 sessions.  I stayed for the first one which dealt with how you can remove tempting foods or ‘trigger’ foods and replace with healthier options.  In my case, licorice is something I ask DH not to keep in the house.   It’s not that bad for you, but it can be if you eat the whole bag like I tend to do!  I can’t seem to stop going back to the bag and grabbing a few more Twizzlers.  Rather, than feel bad about it, I just don’t buy it.  Or I tell DH to just put it in a drawer that I never go into so I don’t know it’s there.  That works so much better!

I am impressed that WW is listening to feedback and updating based on that and science.  It shows they are committed to helping people succeed.  Even with the meetings and online tools you can still get a bit confused.  This January will be my 5th anniversary at WW and I STILL get confused!  Glad they are setting us up to stay successful.  Also really glad they are giving us Lifetimers a little reward!!!  YAY!

It’s a perfect time for this as you know this month is epic food month.  DH and I were at 2 parties on Saturday and I did okay with my eating but still indulged a little.  I’m trying really hard to stay on track with everything, but I know I’ll have a slip up or 2 along the way. But you just have to let it go and keep going no matter what. Rome wasn’t built in a day and we are all human beings! None of us are perfect.  If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you HAVE to allow for treats and just life in general.  Not every party you attend is going to have lots of healthy food to eat—so be prepared.  Eat before you go or bring a healthy item with you just in case.   Get in your exercise so you won’t feel too guilty for indulging! 

Anything special that you do to keep yourself from overloading on holiday goodies???  Love to hear them!

Stay tuned for my next post, which will be about a new workout plan I am doing.  Let’s just say that I have never been more sore in my life but in a good way!!!  Smile



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