Jun 14, 2012

summer berries…mmmmmmm

You know summer is truly underway when summer berries are out!  I just love berries—eaten plain right off of the vine or in pies and scones!  I always think of them as nature’s sweet treats.

summerberriesFrom my instagram @vampygirl13

As I’ve said before, DH is the green thumb in our home (except for roses, which I seem to grow very well!).  He has a nice garden that gives us great stuff, except for when the groundhog seems to think it’s HIS garden.  Ugh.  Anyway, his raspberries bushes have started to produce mounds of gorgeous berries.  So many that we have taken to freezing them!  I have started taking them to work with me as a great afternoon snack (see above).  They are so sweet and yummy and help to keep you full for a good while. 

With all of these berries coming up, I was in need of some new recipes to utilize them in a new way.  Enter Martha Stewart.  The day after DH’s berries started arriving by the huge bowlful, Martha’s new issue of Living showed up and guess what was on the cover? Martha’s favorite berry recipes!  Kismet!

I flipped right through to the berries section and found some great recipes.  You can also get a whole bunch more recipes by clicking HERE where you will find all kinds of great berry recipes.  Here are some of the ones I pinned and bookmarked for my use: (pics are from Martha Stewart’s site and there is a link to each one)

Raspberry Cobbler—this one would be great for a crowd. 

Chocolate Raspberry Tart—I haven’t attempted to make a tart yet but it can’t be too much harder than pie right?

Meme’s Blackberry Cobbler—I love that this is made and served in a cast iron skillet!

I also did some searching on Pinterest and found: (links to original sources/pics)

Raspberry Lemon bars—YUM!

Raspberry Chocolate Scones--I’ve made regular raspberry scones, but not any with chocolate yet!

Raspberry Sorbet—I’ve made this before and I have a version printed out at home (VERY old recipe) that has wine it.  How can you go wrong with raspberries and wine?

And the one I am going to make for Father’s Day this Sunday---Raspberry Torte.  This looks sooo good and I cannot wait to try it out.  I will take pics of course to let you know how it turned out.

The weather here has been so beautiful with no humidity.  I have a feeling that will end soon and just in time for Father’s Day!   Since my dad died before I was born, I always make a point to celebrate with my grandfather and will be going to a brunch for himself and all of the other dads in our family.   It’s so hard to buy a gift for him, so I usually just bake chocolate chip cookies with walnuts since he likes them so much.  

Have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend and be on the lookout for pics of the torte!  I will post something, even if it turned out terrible!





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